October 13, 2021

JockeyCam in live speedway action

This week we've been asked to provide our live JockeyCam system for the British Speedway Premiership Grand Final on behalf of Saint Media, for Eurosport.

We slightly modified our units for the motorbike based sport, but the internal components are the same as used with jockeys.

The first leg between Belle View Aces and Peterborough Panthers took place on Monday night in Manchester, UK, where we had the camera on Aces rider Richie Worrall.

It was a great success and we look forward to the second leg, which takes place on Thursday night in Peterborough, where the camera will be worn by Panthers' skipper Scott Nicholls.

Many thanks to the riders and management of the team's involved and for the sport's governing body, the SCB (Speedway Control Bureau), for giving this initiative the green light.

(Main picture credit: Taylor Lanning @taylorlanningpix / @SpeedwayGB).

Richie Worrall wearing the live cam before heading out